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Did you know that according to the CSIRO, one in five Melbourne homes have some form of termite damage? And it’s not just white ants plaguing Melbourne properties, we’ve also got subsidence to deal with, as well as the movement of the earth which causes buildings to quake and crack.

OCPS provides comprehensive building and pest inspections Melbourne wide. You’ll find out exactly what the property’s worth and the cost of any potential repairs, saving you from making a costly bad investment. Building and pest inspections combine two different types of building inspections, one that is focused on structural issues and the other one that is focused on pest damage.

What do you get with a combined building and pest inspection Melbourne?

–Negotiate a better price for your future home. An official property report is your bargaining tool when purchasing an older property.

–Discover timber pests like termites, wood rot (wood decay fungi) and wood borers before you buy. Save yourself thousands of dollars by repairing timber damage before it’s too late.

–Ensure your family’s safety by checking plumbing and electrical. Electrical faults can pose a huge fire risk yet are abundant in those charming lived-in properties.

–Prevent ugly cracks in your brickwork or cement. OCPS building inspectors can identify subsidence that causes your house foundations to shift. Severe instances of subsidence require major construction to fix, and can cost you an arm and a leg.

–Protect your family’s health by identifying carbon monoxide leaks. This toxic gas is responsible for hundreds of hospitalisations and deaths in Australia every year. Carbon monoxide is colourless and odorless and can only be identified by a professional home inspector.

–Get an appraisal before selling your home. Knowing exactly what the damage is will help you make the right choice about selling up, and inform you on whether you renovate before you sell.


Only worried about pests? Learn more about pest inspections.

For the fastest and most thorough pest and building inspection Melbourne has to offer, look no further than OCPS.

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